Do you have an idea that doesn’t add up?

Is it irrational?

Is it impractical?

Do you see something that nobody else can see?

When you try to explain it to others, do they call you crazy and try and talk “sense” to you?


You’re a 567 Entreprenuer. I’m one too. I’ll explain.

I turned my passion into a $250,000 per year training business and then into a $1,000,000 a year online business and I love helping people like you do the same.

If you want to turn your passion into a business that matters that creates a consistent, predictable, reliable income, then take a breath, you’re in the right place. Here’s why:

The formula I’m going to share with you is so powerful that 5 people have actually tatooed it on their body. Which is wierd to me, cause I’m not a tattoo guy.



I sat across the table from a man who was about to hand me a $170,000 check to invest in my business. It was an entrepreneur’s dream come true. At the time, I wanted to open up a full-scale indoor baseball training facility with all the bells and whistles. I had the perfect vision in my head of what it would look like. I had all the right coaches, as well as a proven training program, in place.
The timing was perfect, too.

At the time, I was running my business from the balcony of a Catholic school gym in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. It was dead space that I was renting for a couple thousand dollars a year. It was horrible. The lighting was bad. The flooring was bad. It smelled. It was too loud. There was always a basketball practice or volleyball game on the gym floor below us. Needless to say, it wasn’t a great reflection of my “status” as a leader in the baseball community.


At this point in my career, I had written a best-selling book, was a popular speaker at national coaches conventions, and had a regular column in the industry’s biggest magazine. Even though my status was high, I was still being sent down to the dingy balcony.

Everyone around me had been telling me I had to move out of the school gym, that it was time for me to take the next step and get a respectable facility that accurately reflected my standing. For some reason, I have to admit that I kind of liked the balcony. For my players, it was a badge of honor to train in this “less than perfect” space. We felt scrappier, tougher, because we didn’t need all the shiny objects in order to prepare to play. We also attracted a lot of players who were either turned off by the larger facilities or intimidated by them.

This place wasn’t ideal, but it was ours. It was almost so bad, it was good.

At the same time, I had it in my head that it was time for me to get to the next level…or so I thought.

So there I was—at this moment entrepreneurs work their entire lives to get to. Ninety-nine percent will never get an investor to pony up cash like this, let alone a sweet deal like the one I had in my lap.


This investment was no ordinary investment. It was risk-free and interest-free! RISK-FREE! INTEREST-FREE! He didn’t want 50 percent of my business. He didn’t want a 10% return on a loan. He didn’t want to own a piece of me forever. He was literally giving me a zero-risk loan. If we lost the money, we lost the money. If we made money, all he wanted was his investment back. He was doing this because of how much I had helped his son (and because he could, as he was very successful). I wondered what I’d done to be so lucky that this would happen to me.

But despite feeling so blessed, when it came time to take that check and sign the lease…I couldn’t do it.

Something held me back. I couldn’t take the check and sign the papers. Despite the voice in my head telling me, “This is the best deal you’ll ever see in your life.”

The voice telling me, “It’s interest-free and it’s risk-free.”

The voice telling me, “The location we picked is perfect, and the numbers all add up.”

“The voice in my head telling me, “We can make money our first year just taking only our existing business into this new place. We’ll be starting in the black.”
But there was another, stronger, voice that was coming from somewhere else and that drowned out all the protests. No matter how hard my head tried to talk me into signing the papers and taking the money, this other voice couldn’t be ignored.

I looked at the man and said, “I need to think about a few things before we take the next step.” I could see in his eyes that he knew what I was doing. My brother, who was going to be my partner, was sitting next to me; I could feel his sense of deflation. My decision was going to change his life, too.

At first, I wondered if the voice that wasn’t allowing me to take the check was the voice of fear…
fear of the next level. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t ignore the other voice.


So, was I a wimp? Was I one of those guys who would never reach his potential? Did I not have the guts? Was I blowing the opportunity of a lifetime? Maybe I was just scared of the money, or I feared success. Perhaps I was destined to remain “small time.”

To make matters worse, this wasn’t the first guy to have offered me money to invest in my business. I hadn’t always gotten the same sweet deal I was staring at right now, but I’d had my chances.

Every single time, the voice would stop me with a firm..NO!.

As you might imagine, that voice was really screwing up my vision for the future. My inability to take the leap to the next level was costing me time, energy, and money. Not only was I losing the potential money of building a bigger business, but this process was distracting me from the business that I was running. Every time I went down this path, it would take away from my growing my existing business.

I was getting a rep, too.

I was becoming that guy who couldn’t take the next step. Friends and colleagues were nice about it, but I knew what they thought. It was embarrassing. I felt like I was never going to overcome this voice, which seemed to be keeping me small and insignificant. I kept running back to my noisy, smelly, dimly lit balcony.

I had a hard time figuring out whether I really liked what I was doing up there or if it was simply a relief to take the pressure off those deals…and I was simply shrinking back down to a business that fit my belief in myself.

My other baseball buddies would shake their heads. And despite my success, it seemed that other people just had it better than me. When I had business conversations with “real” entrepreneurs, I would be kind of embarrassed about how unprofessional I felt in comparison. I could tell they thought I was an amateur rather than a legit businessman.

So here I was, in my 30s, making decent money. I loved what I did. I had a talent and vision nobody else seemed to have. So why didn’t I feel as successful as others? When I told others about my ideas, why did they tell me that they were foolish? When I shared my goals, why did people tell me to be more realistic? Why was I always being reminded of just how much money I
was leaving on the table?

I Won’t Lie To You …
These questions kept me up at night.

But the thing is, I didn’t want to be like those guys. What they did in their businesses just didn’t make sense to me. Sure, maybe they made more money and had more stature. Maybe what they were doing looked better on the surface. But it didn’t add up. In the meantime, I was running a six-figure business from that balcony, I was loving it and I was helping a lot of people.

In the next few years, my business continued to grow. People came to me in a very steady flow. We developed a system to make out business 100% referral. I had also moved into creating online courses around our system, and that business was also starting to gain traction.

Years went on, and my businesses continued to grow. Our online business cracked the sevenfigure mark. I kept it all under the radar, even around the “real” entrepreneurs.


Not again….Funny thing happened when we went online. When I got together with my new “internet buddies” they would just go on and on about how my websites didn’t look pretty andperfect, how I should be doing more upsells, I should be using this tool or that tool, I should be hiring designers and send certain types of emails proven to “convert”. I would listen politley and write down notes knowing I wasn’t going to do any of that scammy crap.

But, when people started talking about thier revenue, I went real quiet. They would brag about the amounts of money they were making and as they went around the room puffing out their chests, I sat back and smirked. I was making more money than all of these guys and I wasn’t resorting to any of the stuff they had to do.

History repeated itself.

Our online and offline system was rock-solid. My employees and I understood what our customers wanted at each phase of their relationship with us, and we simply worked to give it to them. When I actually told the “real” entrepreneurs about my system, they would scoff and say, “It doesn’t work that way,” or “Yeah, but that wouldn’t work in the real world!”

Well, what world was I living in???

I resigned myself to believe that I was just going to be an outsider who continued to do things differently. Maybe my ideas didn’t fit into the traditional business model, but it worked for me. I figured I’d just carve out my little piece of the pie and stay in my lane…even if the other drivers in their fancy cars seemed like they were having a better ride. I knew they really didn’t.

The 2 Most Important Questions

There were actually a few people who saw what we were doing and asked us to help them in their business. I’ll tell you more about that later. I began to grow a small side consulting business working with sports facilities, gym owners and online businesses. Through this business, I would be asked the questions that would change my life forever.

I’ll introduce you to my coaching clients later.

I was working with a new client who had a pretty successful business. This was by far my biggest consulting opportunity to date. I was seeking advice from everyone that I could about how I could do the best job for them.

My friend Dean is probably the smartest guy I know, so he was one of the first calls I made for advice. When I told him who I was working with, he immediately said, “My friend Joe can help you out. He knows exactly what you need.”

He made an email introduction, and within a few hours, I was on the phone with Joe, one of the top real-estate coaches in the world.

I had no idea that about an hour later, my entire business life would come into focus. Every crazy idea I had would suddenly make sense. All the people who had told me I was dumb would become the dumb ones. I would finally identify this other voice in me that seemed to be against my ever entering the “real world” of business as the voice of truth.

After a few minutes of chatting about my project, I asked Joe, “Do you feel like a real business person?”

He laughed and said, “No! Why would I want to be that?”

I was silent.

Joe replied, “You’ll never build anything great following the norms of business. You have to be willing to break the mold.”

“Yes, but do you feel like you’re missing out on running a bigger operation?”

“What do you mean by ‘bigger’?” he asked.

“I guess, making more money.”

I barely finished my sentence before Joe said, “Can I ask you a question?”


“What do you want?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“For your business, what do you want?”

What did I want? That was a question nobody had ever asked me. I’d been asked what my goals were, where I saw myself in five years, and what I wanted to be when I grew up. But never about what I wanted. I went silent again.

He repeated, “In just a few words, what do you want?”

The two voices inside me started arguing. My head was taking over with the traditional trappings of entrepreneurial success. Bigger business, more money, more stature, more notoriety, more legitimacy.

But the other voice took the controls.

I responded, “I want to build a business, but I don’t want to sell out.”

Then Joe asked, “What’s important to you about building a business and not selling out?”

That answer came more quickly. “I want a business that means something.”

He went on asking, “What’s important to you about having a business that means something?”

I replied easily, “I want to help people change.”

“So what’s important to you about making a living helping people change?”

I answered, “It would be the best use of my talents. I feel that it’s my gift.”

He probed further. “What’s important to you about using your gift?”

This is where I struggled. After a minute, I responded, “I feel that’s what I’ve been called to do.”

He kept persisting. “What’s important to you about doing what you were called to do?”

“I guess I want to honor the people who helped me. I want to honor the lessons I’ve learned from my mentors.”

He then asked, “What’s important about honoring those who have helped you?

My answer was, “I want to carry on the gifts they gave me.”


Joe’s questions had helped me go deeper and deeper into my motivations for doing the work I was doing in the first place. My first four answers (build a business and not sell out, have a business that means something, help people change, use my talents) were all good enough, but it was those final answers that got to he core of why I was doing what I was doing in the first place.

Answer the call. Honor my mentors. Carry on their gifts.

I had gotten to my first 567.
1. I want to build a business, but I don’t want to sell out
2. I want a business that means something
3. I want to help people change
4. Use the gifts God gave me
5. Answer the call
6. Honor my mentors
7. Carry on their gifts

Answering The Call

A light bulb was beginning to turn on for me. It got brighter when Joe said…

“Paul, here’s the thing. You say that you don’t want to sell out to make a living. You want a business that means something. You want to make a living helping people. You want to use your gifts the best way. But what you really want to do is answer the call you feel. You want to honor the gifts that have been given to you. You want to pass those gifts on to others. These are the things that drive you. You’ll never be driven by a business that’s all about the numbers. You measure the impact and not just the profits. It could make all the money in the world, but if it doesn’t matter, you won’t do it.”


It was like someone had just turned on the sun.

So that’s why I couldn’t take the next step in opening that baseball facility all those years ago! That’s why I felt like such an outsider when “real” entrepreneurs talked about numbers and projections! That’s why I’d never understood my other baseball friends’ businesses.

I realized, in thinking about the baseball facility that I could have had, that there was a reason that voice had urged me not to sign the papers. I would have become a manager and not a teacher. I would have been busy managing the facility, the cleaning staff, the coaching staff, the grounds, the scheduling, the registration, the equipment, and the inventory. Even though I would have made a ton of money, I would not have been answering my call. I would not have been honoring my gifts. I would not have passed those gifts on.

In my soul, I am a teacher. I am a coach. It’s what I’ve been called to do. It’s why I kept running back to that balcony. The balcony wasn’t great, and it wasn’t big, but it mattered because I got to do what I loved.

What’s more, it wasn’t my clients who cared about all the stuff other people were telling me to fix. They didn’t notice. It was everyone who wasn’t in the business who cared that I was running it out of a balcony in a Catholic school gym. They were the ones who thought my websites didn’t look pretty or perfect enough, and that I wasn’t selling hard enough.

The mistake I had made was listening to those people. They were “1–4” businesses. I was a 567.


A 1–4 thinker will only look at the process. A 567 entrepreneur always starts with the purpose.

Everyone outside my business saw the process, but they never bothered to look at my purpose. In contrast, everyone inside the business saw the purpose and didn’t even notice the process – because at the end of the day, our process was really good! It worked for us. It just wasn’t a traditional process.

Well, I’m not a traditional entrepreneur.

We didn’t attract “traditional” clients, either. We attracted people who “got it”. What they wanted, and what they were seeing and feeling and getting, was my 567 in action. I was answering the call, honoring the gifts I was given, and passing them on. And people felt it and they came in droves.

My friends and colleagues were giving me 1–4 advice for my 567 business. In fact, I was beginning to realize that most 1–4 businesses are purely process-driven and don’t have a purpose.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a 1–4 business. You can make money, provide a needed service, and deliver your customers the value they pay for.

But you and I both know, for people like us, that’s not gonna cut it.

You, like me, need something more meaningful.

You’re different.

You have a vision nobody else can see.

So while everyone else is out there selling the same shit the same way, do this instead:

Embrace those dreams that sound ridiculous to everyone around you. Because your vision – your purpose – is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Everybody else is marketing like they
have a coloring book…

… but you’re an artist. Coloring inside the lines is not gonna be a good plan for you.

Listen, you don’t fit the typical “businessman” mold because you’re not supposed to.

In fact, most people in your shoes would’ve given up years ago because they fail to see the end zone like you can.

Your unique vision and purpose is exactly what makes you, me, and all the other 567s so different from everyone else.

So whatever you do, do NOT dismiss your vision based on:

Your current position…
Your current resources…
Your current support…
Your current opportunities…

Keep following your mission, your purpose, your way.

You’ll be amazed by what happens when you
decide to forge your own path.


I found this out firsthand about 6 years ago after a buddy asked me to do a seminar. He wanted me to share all the techniques I’d used to build my business in a non-traditional way.

It was hard. I was really struggling to put together a presentation because I knew it was going to be a professional event – not like up on the balcony 🙂

I was trying to make everything as neat and organized as possible, but the more I tried, the more I hated the presentation. Finally, I got to the end and said, “Screw it. I’m going to tell these people my story and the truth about building a business.”

All that other stuff I was trying to make work wasn’t working because it wasn’t me. Ironically, one of my core messages was to be yourself.

Every great business was built by somebody who didn’t care what other people thought – someone who forged their own path, someone who threw their hands up in the world’s face and said, “Here I am. This is who I am, and whether you like it or not, I’m just going to be me.”

I kept trying to find the perfect way to communicate this message in my PowerPoint when I came across this meme about a week out from the seminar:


That was it. That one slide summed up everything I was trying to get across about my business and what made it so different from all the others.

So I got up and gave that presentation as me. Not the guy I thought I should be. Not what some “guru” told me to be. Just the real me without any fluff or sugar coating.

And for the very first time, I discovered this:

There are others like us out there… lots.

When I did that seminar, that one anteater slide had a bigger impact on the audience than any other. My core message to be yourself connected with way more people than I ever would have imagined.

Now, our members sport t-shirts and stickers with that little guy. The anteater has become somewhat of a mascot for our movement.


The Craziest Part?

That seminar spawned what is now the biggest mastermind in the industry.

When I realized how many people resonated with that anteater slide and my mission, I thought it would be really cool to work closely with 12 other business owners who thought like me. So we started our first mastermind.

Thats us with marketing legend seth godin at his office
Thats us with world famous copy writer John Carlton

I thought this would just be a side business, but I kept getting asked to do seminars. And at each one, our mastermind group completely sold out.

7 seminars and 7 sold-out masterminds later, that side business has grown to a group of over 100 members strong, with the average member staying for 5 years.


It’s a whole lot less expensive than most masterminds, so when I get together with my Internet buddies, they’re always telling me how to increase my profits… “Triple the cost of your mastermind and you’ll get rid of half of the people and you’ll make more money,” they tell me.

Screw that.

That’s measuring metrics. But metrics don’t measure your mission.

My mission is to be a coach; to be a teacher. I can’t do that if somebody stays around for a year then leaves.

But by sticking to my mission, here’s what I’ve discovered:

The more you focus on the mission,
the more the metrics work out.

I know this because our members stick around long-term 5 to 6 years. We get 100% referrals using the exact same 567 principles and marketing system that we use online, offline, and in our current business.

The funny thing about it is that our mastermind group actually brings in way more money than all my Internet buddies’ groups.

So, if there’s just one thing you get from my story, let it be this:

There’s nothing special about my results.

I didn’t have a secret formula or some big-name “guru” to follow.

I simply had a mission and stuck to it. I had a vision others couldn’t see – a vision of a 567 business built on delivering real value with a purpose… something that goes all the way back to the day I turned down that $170,000 check.

That all said, let me ask:

Are You A 567 Entrepreneur?

Are you an Anteater in a sea of faces that all look the same?

Do you have a vision no one else can see?

If so, welcome to the club. You’re safe here 🙂

After speaking at numerous seminars and growing our mastermind to 100+ members, I’ve realized that there are a lot of us out there. We’re all struggling to fit into the traditional business world. But you know what? That’s okay.

Because you don’t have to walk this journey alone any more.

By answering the call in my own life, I’ve already helped hundreds 567 entrepreneurs reach their goals and turn their vision into reality.

I’ll Help You Find Your 567

My mission in life is to take as many people as I can through a 567 conversation. If you want to figure out exactly what your mission is and get crystal clear on why you’re doing what you do in the first place, I’d love to help. With your permission, I’d like to walk you through your 567.

This is not a sales pitch in disguise. We’ll spend a fast paced 15 minute phone session walking you through your 567. You’ll walk away from this call with a deeper sense of focus and motivation then you’ve ever had before. That’s it. No strings attached. No funny business…thats what those others guys do.

>>>> Click here to set up a call to talk about your mission. <<<<

Whatever you do, remember this:
Don’t dismiss your vision.

No one else on this planet can do exactly what you do the way you do it.

Forget the “gurus.” Screw the naysayers. And just be you.
Stick to the mission you were put here to carry out, and let me help you discover all the resources you need to go from wherever you’re at today to exactly where you want to be as a

567 entrepreneur.

Click here to set up your call



Paul Reddick

PS – Robert Shuller said “If you can find one person who beleive in you more than you believe in yourself you should hold on to that person for dear life, becasue that’s all you’ll ever need to succeed.”

My purpose in setting up these call is to be that person for you. Click here to set up your call.

PPS – People always ask to see all he stuff we’re doing, so I thought I would put it together all in one place.

Speaking and Podcasts – Since that first seminar where I realized the importance of just being myself, I’ve done numerous seminars, marketing events, conferences and podcasts. If you’re looking for a speaker who doesn’t always say what’s popular, but connects with the audience on a deeper level, then I’m your guy.

Here’s are 4 podcast topic sheets you can review if you’d like me to be a guest on your podcast.

567 Entrepreneur Topic

Bullshit Free Life Topic


GFGI Topic

Watch the video below to learn more about my speaking engagements.

Coaching – Want one-on-one coaching with somebody who’s walked in your shoes before and came out on top? Even though I work with some pretty big-name clients, my heart is still to help the guy who is driven non-stop by his mission – even if he doesn’t have the biggest company yet.

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567 Mastermind – Inside our mastermind, you’ll get the opportunity to join over 100 other likeminded entreprenuers looking to make a lasting difference in the world. Not only will you learn the same 567 principles and non-traditional marketing methods I’ve used to build my businesses, plus get expert advice and feedback for your own business, but you’ll also get to experience a sense of community that’s unlike anything else.

Anteater Blog – I do a daily video and me and Vince do a weekly Q and A show. You can click here to see it

testimonial“Paul Reddick changed my life. And I’m not just talking about helping me with my business. Paul and GFGI showed me how to reconnect with my family and the other important people in my life. Having my business grow beyond anything I could ever have imagined also became simple. Paul told me to do something and I did it without hesitation.

GFGI is much more than a seminar. It is the way to the life you’ve always dreamed of. I have no words to describe how much I value and respect Paul and what GFGI has done for me.”

James “Smitty” Smith – Diesel Strength
testimonial“Paul is extremely genrous with his time and energy. He’s detail oriented and can cut through the fog in your business. He’s a reliable teammate and a solid operator.”

Mark Divine – SEALFit
testimonial“I’ve worked with a couple different business coaches now, but nothing has come CLOSE to the coaching I’ve had from Paul Reddick. Within the first hour of our first call, I had two huge breakthroughs that will be worth tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars to my business this year.
The most important thing for me was the focus on creating a real, living automated business that brings in daily sales instead of relying on launches and random promotions. I finally feel like I’m headed toward a stable, longterm business, which I didn’t have before.

There are VERY few people doing business online right now who have the first hand experience and knowledge that Paul does. This has been easily the best investment I’ve made in my business.”

Taylor Allen – Elite Guard Training
testimonial“If I had to name the number one factor that has contributed to me taking my startup online business from my first sale to almost 7 figures in under two years I would undoubtedly answer…guidance from those that I respect and have proven track records before me. Paul Reddick tops this list for me.

His advice has saved me countless amounts of money by helping me steer clear of typical “beginner mistakes” and has truly accelerated the pace at which I could develop my business. That said, I’d recommend Paul to ANYONE looking to develop their business online. From a first timer to a seasoned internet marketing wiz….everyone can learn from Paul…truly one of the smartest guys I know and someone I’m now proud to call a true friend.”

Jeff Cavaliere – Athlean X
testimonial“Paul not only helped me get my business off the ground, he was one of the major factors in figuring out I even had a winning idea to turn into a business. He’s been there to bounce ideas off of and to offers ideas of his own that always pan out. There’s no way I would have been able to create a business and have my first 6-figure month just 4 months later without his help.

Brian Moran – Get 10,000 Fans
testimonialHow do you put down on paper how someone truly changed your life? Saying thank you just doesn’t feel like enough, ya know?

Here’s my story:
Before becoming a client of Paul Reddick, I was a struggling business owner living off of one and done product attempts in a dying market that is vertical jump training. I was buying information products, reading books, and struggling through trial and error in an attempt to reach any type of perpetual success.
It never came…

I reached the point where enough was enough, I swallowed my pride, and did something a lot of people don’t have the courage to do…
I asked for help.

Paul was known as the “go to” guy in the industry to take business owners like me to the “promised land”, and my ack was against the wall so I reached out to him.

Today I’m happy to report that I am another one of Paul Reddick’s many success stories. I’m making multiple 6 figures diong what I absolutely love to do. I have the freedom to travel anytime, anywhere, and live my absolute dream life! My family used to comment about seeing a stressed, tired, unhappy person in me and now they only know me as a happy, relaxed
person who is enjoying the hell out of life!

Paul Reddick helped me take my business from barely afloat to a worldwide authority in it’s niche, he’s taken me from financially unstable to financially free and secure, and most importantly, Paul Reddick gave me my life back. He allowed me to eliminate the stress, fear, and anxiety that I was carrying on my shoulders every single day, that uncertainty of what is to come… is not gone. Paul succeeds as a coach because he cares as a person. Every win for you is a win for him. Paul’s ability to give you a clear cut step by step plan to simply follow and implement removes any guess work from you.

Paul Reddick has never once steered me wrong in the last 3 years and I do absolutely everything he tells me too. Simple as that. There are people you appreciate in your life, and then their are people you NEED in your life to take it to the next level. Trust me when I say, you NEED Paul Reddick in your life as a business owner, is you truly have the desire to reach your full potential.

Adam Linkenauger – Freak Athletics